Monday, September 21, 2009

" Ma Gloire "

22 x 30 Colored Pencil

Here is the 4th piece in the collection " les fleur de mon coeur " .
I did not have time before to post it.
I'm making some nice cards out of these pieces, will show you soon.
One more to go........ stay tuned. = )

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award !

Karen Hargett was very kind to include me in her selection of art bloggers for this award.
Please go check out her blog and the other recipients of the award.
Now I need to pass it along and also list 7 things about me.
So here are things about me :
1. Garden's and flowers feed my soul
2. Animals always make me smile
3. I love the smell of horses
4. I love dinner parties
5. Music is the bomb !
6. Dancing is even better
7. I relish a great sense of humor

Here are the ones I am passing this to:
Irit Bourla for her perseverance in her art.
Angela Elledge for her sweetness
Ruth bodycott for great watercolors
Nithya Swaminathan for finding her muse again
LIz Holm for her encouragement and talent
Claire Beadon Carnell for great oil paintings
Gwen Bell because she deserve it
List 7 things about you and pass it along to 7 Kreativ bloggers

These artist are so fabulous go check them out .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


5. 25 x 9 . 25 Acrylic on Watercolor paper

This is the latest challenge for Different Strokes From Different Folks , I did today and the deadline is today, Yikes !
Hope it makes it in....
I enjoyed this one it was fun and not easy.
STRETCHING........... thanks Karin - Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Glowing success !

5 x 5 Pencil. This little guy is in the program with his mom.

This is the last piece I did for Set Free Ministries. There were a total of 4 pieces and they ended been very nicely framed and displayed.
The Silent Auction went very well. A dinner with Carrie Prejean was auctioned and it received $ 4100 which was really great. This is such a great ministry that really gets down and dirty with the help you need until you are completely healthy and able to be on your own. I liken this to a new set of parents that don't give up until it's done , even with though LOVE. All faith based.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IT's FIXED !!!!!!

So sorry, it seems I needed the bong on the head with those boots ! not on the behind..... lol !

Go write on Every Photo Tells a Story !

My boots are featured there today. How cool is that !
Should we kick someone in the behind with them ?
I might need that ! So many things to do before these 2 shows on Saturday ........ aahw !
At the same time !
One for the " 4th floor art show " where a good friend will be representing me there with my colored pencil flowers, because I will be at the other one.
for " Set Free Ministries " silent Auction .
Proceeds from this event goes to help train, counsel, and disciple women and children so that they might grasp the opportunity to become productive citizens and law abiding citizens of our community.
My art work will be in the silent auction there, it's the 2 little girls I drew below. They are in that program with their mom.
I'll be hanging out with Carrie Prejean she is also giving of her time there.
I'm looking forward to it.

click-----> EPTAS

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm french what can I say !

22 x 30 Colored Pencil

This to me represent the french culture and what you see so often in european art work.
( I'm talking about the flower not my art work)
Well this is my version of it but I did this quite a while back but I'm having a show coming up with all my colored pencil flowers in one spot. This is the 3 rd one in this series.
2 more to show you soon !