Sunday, October 24, 2010

" Devlin & Callie "

7  x  9  Watercolor pencils

This is Devlin and Callie for Liz Holm moleskins on The Flying Moleskins project. Her theme is portraits and the one done by Dana of her mom is so beautiful..... so mine went to the dogs !!!
 I am a dog lover and these two are so cute it was such a pleasure to draw them.
I haven't used my watercolor pencils in a while and thought it would be the perfect medium for these 2 pups.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The wonder of motherhood !

I took my daughter out to lunch at this great sandwich place. I always have my camera with me and while I was inside picking up our order this is what she did.
Wrote a note and took a picture of herself but she did not tell me about it and it is only upon downloading my pictures a few days later that I saw this.
I am blessed !    = )

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Love is Patient...

                                                       12 x 16   Acrylic

This piece was done in the colors of the wedding and their future household for a good friend of my daughter from college who got married on Saturday
" Terrence and Kimberly Hale " at one point he sang to her ( he has an amazing voice ) and there was not one dry eye in the crowd. Then we rejoiced with good food and dancing.
What else can top that.
I pray each one reading these verses would get the full impact of their powers.
( if you want something like this just e-mail me )