Thursday, May 28, 2009

GO VOTE for Adebanji Alade

This post is to promote  a great artist that needs your votes:
   Adebanji Alade
I had the chance to meet him in London and on top of being such a fantastic artist with amazing creative ability ( see all the DSFDF he blows us out of the water every time), he is one heck of a nice person and guide.
 Well now he has a change to win the price to come to New York and do some of his artistic magic there. So I urge everyone to go vote for him at this SITE where you will see his page. Please pass the word out.
This is what our little community of artist/friends is all about.
LET's press those buttons we can do it were online already !

Monday, May 25, 2009

exiting WEBSITE !!!!!!

                    This is a sketch I did and posted on my blog
                                     Dancing Strokes
Since I can't post any new work I thought I would post a few sites I've found that are really interesting , innovative or just fun. 
So the first one I will post today is about making anything you want with your art work or pictures.
Like making believe your work is in a museum like above.

Or a glass ball / spiral effect

Or a rubik cube

There are many more free effects you can do and others are not.  If you have photoshop some of the one with a fee you can find there but otherwise it is a fun site to experiment with.
It's always kind of fun to see what you can do with your work. Here is their site. HAVE FUN !

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sniff !! :(

Well my daughter age 23 left for Thailand on a missions trip leading 15 college students (just a year or two younger than her) to help in an orphanage with one gentleman co-leader for 3 weeks. I'm mentioning this because at the last minute we realized she did not have a camera hers just broke, so away mine went !   Now posting will be a bit more difficult, Oh well . 
Thank you for waiting !

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What do you think ?

This is a real photograph you can check it out from the link on => CNN. Any way I believe in something bigger than us and I can't help but say    "  LOOK "


10 x 15 Watercolor
Here is the new challenge of Different Strokes From Different Folks. This was done with a lot of frisket which was fun because in the end you had an element of surprise. Go check out all the others entries.        SOLD

Friday, May 8, 2009

" My Local Sketchcrawl "

                                           HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

                                         8  x   7   pencil & watercolor

                                                      The  MOMMA"S 

                                                  8.5  x 11.5       Pencil & Watercolor

A few days ago my local sketchcrawl meet  and these are the drawing I made without doing it on purpose they are very fitting  for Sunday  -   Mother's DAy.
To all MOM's out there I bless you to receive what your heart desires from your children

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Go CHeck It Out.....................

THis blog puts a new picture every day and ask you to write something about it if you want.
My good friend JAMES PARKER writes there almost every day and these poems or thoughts are often so special or thought provoking.

Today a picture done by yours truly is the subject .

Have fun.......


                                         11  x  14       Pastel

On my sketch blog Dancing strokes I did a drawing of the front of a house with a beautiful tree in bloom. Carolina left me a comment suggesting I do a color version , I was on my way with the same idea. What do you think Carolina ?
So here is " I'm in bloom "
Available for purchase