Thursday, May 28, 2009

GO VOTE for Adebanji Alade

This post is to promote  a great artist that needs your votes:
   Adebanji Alade
I had the chance to meet him in London and on top of being such a fantastic artist with amazing creative ability ( see all the DSFDF he blows us out of the water every time), he is one heck of a nice person and guide.
 Well now he has a change to win the price to come to New York and do some of his artistic magic there. So I urge everyone to go vote for him at this SITE where you will see his page. Please pass the word out.
This is what our little community of artist/friends is all about.
LET's press those buttons we can do it were online already !


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

How kind of you, Dominique. You're a good friend! I voted for Adebanji! He deserves to win.

adebanji said...

HIGHLY APPRECIATED DOMINIQUE!!! What else can I say!!! Short of words, please keep going I was 3rd on the rating yesterday!

Avocaken said...

Hi Dominique. I TRIED to vote for Adebanji but kept (3 times) getting a page-not-found error (404)! I think that it relates to Facebook which apparently doesn't like my face.

Anyway, I tried and it's a very nice thing you're doing.
Ken B.

dominique eichi said...

THanks for voting.

Ken ,
I don't understand how come it did not work I just tried and I cannot believe it would not like such a handsome face.

Avocaken said...

Not beating a dead horse BUT! This is what I see when I clock on the vote now button:
<<<<<<< their message beginss >>>>>
"Uh oh. We've drawn a blank.
You know how it is.
We try our best, but sometimes you just hit the wall.
Like this 404.
Don't give up."
<<<<<<< end of their message >>>>>

Have a nice day! :-) :-) :-(
Ken B.

dominique eichi said...

Sorry KEN =(

James Parker said...

Just got back from voting for Banji...sure hope he wins...anxious to get the results. I didn't have a bit of prob with facebook...I did with the first log in format. Odd.

dominique eichi said...

James that's great nice to hear. I do hope he wins too.

Pat said...

I voted and did have to jump through alot of hoops. This is a nice thing to let us know about how we can support fellow artists. Thanks

dominique eichi said...

Thanks Pat I know one day I hope to be in his shoes ! maybe not that big !! ( the shoes of course)

hissnhowl said...

On my way... thanks for telling us about it!