Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another exercise !

                                                         8  x 10   OIL

Here an other portrait exercise. I really enjoyed painting him for the look he has is a bit different from most models.
I am loving OIL'S

( Tiffany is back safe and sound... YEA !!!  She is tired and a bit sick but all is good. Will post pictures and such soon )

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Venice night's

                               11 x 9  Oil ( On Gessoed watercolor paper )
This is for Vern. I have to thank him for getting me started in Oil so I had to jump in and try doing it in his moleskins for the flying moleskins project.
Since he has been creating scenes from his trip to Germany I thought I would do the same and give him a scene from my trip to Italy.
This is the only night scene I have of Venice and I've been wanting to paint it.
So here you are Vern, a first for me, a scene at night in oil.
(Just got an update on Haiti.. The group is making an impact - they are on the radio and news of Port O Prince for how much they are blessing the city of Jeremie)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh Well !

Well here is another piece I did but this one got really messed up but I thought I would post it anyway. Not all we do as artist are beautiful !?!?
Here the black got mixed in my skin colors so her face became ashen and grey. I'm grateful she was the model and not someone I know, yikes !
But this is where you learn from your mistakes.

(BTW -Tiffany is now in Haiti the only thing I know is all is going well from a tweet sent to www.impact195haiti.com )