Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh Well !

Well here is another piece I did but this one got really messed up but I thought I would post it anyway. Not all we do as artist are beautiful !?!?
Here the black got mixed in my skin colors so her face became ashen and grey. I'm grateful she was the model and not someone I know, yikes !
But this is where you learn from your mistakes.

(BTW -Tiffany is now in Haiti the only thing I know is all is going well from a tweet sent to )


AutumnLeaves said...

I am not sure why Dominique, but I really like this portrait. She looks as though she has had a long and tough day at the mines or cleaning or just came from rescuing something/someone in a bad situation. There is much of life in her face and I find myself wondering at what she has been through, if there is hope for something more in her life. Does this make sense? I am truly struck visually by this one...

adebanji said...

Never fret Dominique, your handling of the medium is getting better every time I see a new piece. The skin tones are fine, its only the eyes that need a bit of work-and its just keeping them the same shape.
Well done, you are making drastic leaps!!!!
I am sure Tiffany would be fine, she's doing a great thing, God bless her!

dominique eichi said...

Thanks. It's funny to realize how each person sees different things looking at the same thing. I'm so glad you are getting all this like it. I so appreciate your stops here.

Thanks, the part that was frustrating is the fact that I only have 2 hours with the model and we do not see them anymore. So I am scrambling to get something done. But I don't mind getting pushed to go faster. I wish I had more time so I can really get into more details. Oh well !
Tiffany I'm sure is ok . I only read a tweet received on the website she has not contacted me yet but she must be very busy. Thank you for your prayer for her.

Edward Burton said...

Painting is a constant learning process, so as Adbanji said, don't fret about it and you are doing nicely.

James Parker said...

Happy to hear Tiffany arrived safely in Haiti and I hope the experience is safe and meaningful for her. This piece of Venice at night is absolutely, positively, without a doubt...incredibly awesome.

dominique eichi said...

Thanks, trying to follow the big boys.....

= )............ Thanks so much James.
Just got a new update that all is well in Haiti.

Diana Marshall said...

I have to say I really like this one it is different and interesting, I don't thik you messed up, a happy accident!