Saturday, June 12, 2010

Venice night's

                               11 x 9  Oil ( On Gessoed watercolor paper )
This is for Vern. I have to thank him for getting me started in Oil so I had to jump in and try doing it in his moleskins for the flying moleskins project.
Since he has been creating scenes from his trip to Germany I thought I would do the same and give him a scene from my trip to Italy.
This is the only night scene I have of Venice and I've been wanting to paint it.
So here you are Vern, a first for me, a scene at night in oil.
(Just got an update on Haiti.. The group is making an impact - they are on the radio and news of Port O Prince for how much they are blessing the city of Jeremie)


Nancy Standlee said...

Beautiful. I've been thinking about oil..never tried it before - maybe the water soluble ones. Is that what you use?

AutumnLeaves said...

Wow, Dominique! This is so beautiful. I immediately wished I was part of the nightlife along that waterfront...a nice and romantic dinner with someone special...sigh...Lucky Vern!

Prabha N. said...

This nocturne is beautiful! All i need is a gelato and a view of the reflections to reflect on...

dominique eichi said...

I just started working in Oils these are Winton .. not water soluble. You should try . Thanks for your comment.

I cropped the picture but my daughter is on the left and it was a delightful place so enchanting.
Thank for stopping by.

Thank you. It is a fabulous city I recommend to everyone to go at least ounce.

liz wiltzen said...

You nailed this one Dominique, really great job. I'm sure Vern will be thrilled!

Rosemary said...

Wow Dominique - is this beautiful!
Love the glow! Who wouldn't want to be there? Lucky, lucky Vern! What a great effect you got with the oil on gessoed paper!

AK said...

This is fabulous.

dolly p. said...

it's so beautiful ilove it! i want it!

dominique eichi said...

Wow, coming from you it is a mighty compliment.
Thank you

Thanks, It seems I was playing around and this is what happened !!

Thanks for your first time comment to my blog. I appreciate it.

You are so kind thanks but sorry you can't have it !

Gwen Bell said... knocked this one out of the park! Love the night lighting and all of the glowing reflections. Just beautiful!

Vern Schwarz said...

Dominique, I really love this piece and thank you for creating such a wonderful painting in my book. The beutiful colour and strong light are so dramatic. You are taking to oil very quickly, and I'm thrilled that you are enjoying them so much. They suit you so well.

Sorry for the late comment, but I was away for the last couple of weeks.

William Cook said...

Amazing painting.

William Cook said...

Amazing painting.

A Arte de Pedro da Costa said...

Dominique eu gostei muito do teu trabalho.Parabéns!!!