Monday, May 25, 2009

exiting WEBSITE !!!!!!

                    This is a sketch I did and posted on my blog
                                     Dancing Strokes
Since I can't post any new work I thought I would post a few sites I've found that are really interesting , innovative or just fun. 
So the first one I will post today is about making anything you want with your art work or pictures.
Like making believe your work is in a museum like above.

Or a glass ball / spiral effect

Or a rubik cube

There are many more free effects you can do and others are not.  If you have photoshop some of the one with a fee you can find there but otherwise it is a fun site to experiment with.
It's always kind of fun to see what you can do with your work. Here is their site. HAVE FUN !


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Wow, Dominique. I just love that rubik's cube!! How cool is that.

And, of course, your artwork should be hung up on a museum wall:)

Thanks for the info!

dominique eichi said...

Thank you, I had to find something to post without a camera, thanks to you.

adebanji said...

Great feeling! To see one's artwork on a museum wall! Great! I felt the same way too when I tried one of my pieces.

dominique eichi said...

Hey Adebanji,
Yes this site is fun and it is nice to see your work in this kind of setting.

Angela Elledge said...

Dominique, thank you for posting the site, I'll have to check it out. As always, I enjoy seeing your sketches and your artwork.

dominique eichi said...

Thanks for stopping by . You will have fun at this site.

Art Fan Ako said...

Neat website... Still your art didn't need the frame or special packaging to have it stand out. Exquisite!

dominique eichi said...

Art Fan Ako thank you very much for the nice compliment.

Kathleen Harrington Paints said...

This is fun! thanks for sharing it!