Wednesday, May 6, 2009


                                         11  x  14       Pastel

On my sketch blog Dancing strokes I did a drawing of the front of a house with a beautiful tree in bloom. Carolina left me a comment suggesting I do a color version , I was on my way with the same idea. What do you think Carolina ?
So here is " I'm in bloom "
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Every Photo Tells A Story said...

This is beautiful. I think Caroline gave you good advice! Your sketches are wonderful without paint, but it's good to see one with it, too.

dominique eichi said...

Thank Nancy, =)

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

This is simply beautiful.
I love this tree.
Are u using oil pastel?

dominique eichi said...

IRIT, Thank you . No they are the regular ones, the chalky kind.

Carolina said...

Oh, Dominique, it's beautiful, I love it :)
And you're so kind :) :) :)

dominique eichi said...

Carolina, Hey it's nice to include everyone it's more fun !