Sunday, October 24, 2010

" Devlin & Callie "

7  x  9  Watercolor pencils

This is Devlin and Callie for Liz Holm moleskins on The Flying Moleskins project. Her theme is portraits and the one done by Dana of her mom is so beautiful..... so mine went to the dogs !!!
 I am a dog lover and these two are so cute it was such a pleasure to draw them.
I haven't used my watercolor pencils in a while and thought it would be the perfect medium for these 2 pups.


Mona said...

I love this Dominique, and I can imagine Liz will adore it too. Great coordinating wraps too!

Michelle said...

They are so adorable, Dominique! Liz will love 'em!

L.Holm said...

Dominique, I LOVE THIS! Thank you so much. It looks exactly like them. You did a brilliant job. Huge hugs. You sweetie! xoxoxo

Irina said...

They turned out great! So alive and yet drawn, no photography style for sure. Lovely guys!

Edward Burton said...

They are wonderful, Dominique!

Carol Horzempa said...

What a lovely drawing of these two pups, they look like such good friends!

Nancy (EPTAS) said...

Beautiful, Dominique:) Great to see you again, and "Happy Halloween."



Apparently we have both gone to the dogs. I always use guache but really like the texture you achieved with the watercolor pencils.
I am going to give them a try, though it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I can't believe I just wrote that. I apologize. It is late.
X David

Young at Heart said...

how utterly adorable......and what talent!!

dominique eichi said...

your stops are always delightful for they remind me to go visit your miniatures.

I am so glad to see you. Thanks for your stop.

You are a delight to paint for with any subject. Thanks

I appreciate those comments.

Your constant comments are so precious thank you.

I'm so happy to see your comments on my blog. Thank you

I thank God you came back to blogging. Thanks for the comment.

You are a delight to anyone but to me in particular. If an old dog like me can learn so can you..... now go play !

Young at heart,
so glad you came to visit.... love your name !

devotedmomof7 said...


AutumnLeaves said...

Beautiful work, Dominique! I love the softness to these doggies too. The expression on the black & white dog's face is priceless. Beautiful dogs and more beautiful painting. Love that your daughter wrote that note and took a photo for you. How awesome is that?

DEB said...

Very nice Dominique! They look like they are ready for the winter snows, for sure!

Dean H. said...

I guess I forgot to comment here...I did at The Flying Moleskins.

A really wonderful job, Dominique!

Diana Marshall said...

2 sweeties beautifully painted!