Saturday, January 10, 2009

21st World Wide SketchCrawl 2009


 This was my first Sketch Crawl, I got the information on Carol Feldman 's blog and wondered if there might be someone doing it here in San Diego.
I found the chapter on facebook and met with 14 other artist in Old Town San Diego at Bazar Del Mundo to sketch and then we had a lovely lunch at Guadalajara Restaurant next door. The food and the company was so good. At the end of our lunch we passed down each of our sketchbook and all OOh and AAh over each one. They were all very lovely. There's some talented people out there.
              I now found a whole new bunch of neat people to sketch around my town with.


James Parker said...

Interesting idea, Dominique. Checked out the websites...may have to get one going here next time in Costa Rica. Worry about the trouble over there, and pray for their safety. I keep telling everybody in the world that the differences between each of us is only the space needed for each of us to grow. Nobody listens. Pffft. Love your work and thanks for being my first follower...I'm honored....James

dominique eichi said...

James, You are so right about the space we just need to grow. Some are greedy ! :(
Let's keep praying for their safety.
Do start a group of artist to sketch with , it was lots of fun. Thanks for stopping by.

Amira said...

Nu, Dominique, where are your sketches?? It made me so happy when i read that you met up with this group and made new artist friends! Thank you for your note and also for your kindthoughts and prayers.

Carol Feldman said...

Sorry...that last post was from me. My daughter signed herself in while I was in the other room and I didn't realize it, so it put her name instead of mine! Carol Feldman (not Amira)

dominique eichi said...

Hey Carol, By the time I came home yesterday it was too dark to take pics outside .
I will post today. Nice name for your daughter.