Saturday, July 24, 2010

" His Glory "

                                                            8  x  10  Oil

Well first off I have to admit I am not very good with my own deadlines, sorry for this late entry.
This is for Dean moleskin for the "flying moleskins " project. I knew what I wanted to paint but to do it with out fear is another question, and in someone else's book yikes !!
But here it is Hope you like it Dean
Isaiah 6:3  The whole earth is full of his glory.


Mona said...

It's gorgeous Dominique!

AutumnLeaves said...

Just over the top gorgeous, Dominique. Dean will be more than pleased and that scripture verse is spot on for this one. I am also reminded me of the light painted by the Hudson River School artists!

Pam Holnback said...

Great painting. Great sentiment.

Diana Marshall said...

wow this is stunning, the clouds are perfect.

L.Holm said...

Beautiful, beautiful colors, Dominique. I know Dean will love this. Truly glorious!

dominique eichi said...

: ) thank you

I will have to create an Award just for you because you included the name of the HUdson River School in your comment for me. Yae !

Pam ,
Thanks for this comment.

I appreciate your words so much thank you.

Thank you my friend it is good to be stretched.

David Larson Evans said...

Very nice A+ for you.

Rosemary said...

Dominique, this just blows me away! "His Glory" indeed - and you captured it beautifully! Can't imagine how frightning it must be painting in someone's book! Dean will be thrilled!

r garriott said...


Sadia Hussain said...

Magnificent scene captured brilliantly!

Dean H. said...

Sorry it took so long for me to comment, Dominique. I commented on The Flying M's and thought I had commented here as well.

Absolutely love this very well done oil painting! It certainly shows His glory. Thanks,too, for the scripture.