Saturday, September 25, 2010

" the road ahead "

                                                           7 x 9 Acrylics

This is for Angela's moleskins of "the flying moleskins"project . it seems that I reverted to what I like to paint, roads, trees and such with shadows. ( I guess it's my theme in your book Angela) Sorry !
May the road ahead for you be always filled with laughter, mercy, grace, but especially love dear Angela. Hope you like it. 
It's coming your way Michelle


Dana Cooper said...

Lovely color in that beautiful road Dominquie...Angela will love it!!

martinealison said...

Belle route ensoleillée... Incitation à la promenade... Chemin bonheur!

dominique eichi said...

Thanks , I hope to learn to get better Your piece for Angela in her book is spectacular.

dominique eichi said...

martine alison,
Je te remercie beaucoup to venir sur mon blog.
Grose bise

DEB said...

What a nice road...I like how you've sort of ghosted the trees as they lead away.

SKIZO said...

I enjoyed your
work very much