Saturday, November 27, 2010

My cup runneth over !

Oh my ........ I am so blessed
Here it is.
I received the day before Thanksgiving the Amazing Book of LAPIN (which I won), that illustrator I had told you about in a previous post..... this is his link ->
 it was wrapped in such a cool way.
 it has fabulous illustrations in it ( i include one of my favorite pages)
and Third
the little paper they took out of the hat with my name on it was included on the last page for me with a drawing of that event.
How cool is that !!

BUT I'm not finished
I saved the best for last.

She came to visit her brother who lives in my city, San Diego.....  !
We had a french pastry together.
How awesome is that !
Here are the pics.
Of course I had to introduce her to Grace !

What a fabulous day it was !


martinealison said...

Je me suis régalée avec cette dernière publication... merci à vous et une caresse à votre amie à quatre pattes!

Michelle said...

How exciting! The book is amazing...congrats on winning! Sounds like a wonderful visit from Sheila too! Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Dominique!

Dean H. said...

Wow! Congratulations on winning, Dominique!

Wow again! It's great to finally hear something about Sheila! Looks like you had a fine visit. You'll have to fill us in a little more about what she's been up to.

Dana Cooper said...

Yay much good news! Congrats on winning...and I am so glad you got to see Sheila. You both look great...Grace looks great too!!

L.Holm said...

Yea!!! So good to see you beautiful, smiling ladies (and Grace, too!). That's so cool you got to meet up. Fun!

Congrats, too, on winning that gorgeous book of illustrations.

dominique eichi said...

Thank you all. I hope one day we could all meet at the same time !

r garriott said...

How wonderful! It is so good to see Sheila again (tell her her we all miss her!)

And I love that little drawing of a hat...priceless. so happy for you.


I love your dog. I went to Sheila's site and saw the ASAP announcement but it was for last June.
Maybe this year.
X David