Monday, August 24, 2009

San Diego SketchCrawlers

Check out the VIDEO

I have a sketch blog called " Dancing Strokes " where I usually post my sketches. In the side bar.
But this time I also went to a get together with the weekly group to Balboa park , Alcazar Gardens here in San Diego.
Well one of the our sketchers is Lydia Velarde she is part of the Urban Sketchers as a correspondents but her talent doesn't just lie there. She made this fabulous little video posted on U-Tube of us, drawing, including the sites we were enjoying.
All to great music, titles and credits.
And let me not forget but it also STAR's Grace (my chocolate lab)


Cathie Tonkins said...

The Video is great! Having grown up in San Diego, it made me home sick for Balboa Park and the Gardens. Thanks for setting up the link.

dominique eichi said...

Ur welcome Cathie.

AutumnLeaves said...

You are so beautifully gifted, Dominique!

dominique eichi said...

Thank you.