Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Be My Valentine"

                                         6 x 5.5     Pen & Ink

                              I will design your own cards on smooth heavy card stock acid free white paper with envelopes. You get the original plus copies are made from that for the cards.
For any holiday or special occasion. E-mail art by dominique at yahoo dot com for details. 


Camille LaRue Olsen said...

Oh my GOODness what a treat this is to look at! This is a very special kind of talent -- I do NOT have it and most people don't either.

dominique eichi said...

Thank you Camille, I know you could do doodles likes
this also but they would look like Camille LaRue Olsen. Your work is so special and wonderful.

r garriott said...

A marvelous drawing. Very flowing and inventive.

I stopped by to tell you how taken I was with your insightful interpretation of Sheila's dream-- do you do that a lot?

dominique eichi said...

Hi R Garriott,
Thanks for the flow on this doodle.
About Sheila's dream, Yes I do. I have been able to see past what some see only on the surface but it is usually visual not always written. If you ever have a dream like that you can e-mail me with a description or a if you make a picture that's even better.
art by dominique at yahoo dot com all one word of course. If you don't want to post it.

r garriott said...

Hi Dominique,
I will do that; I had a dream with unusual thmes this morning. Thank you!

dominique eichi said...

Hopefully I can help decipher it.

Edward Burton said...

Wow, I love it, Dominique!

dominique eichi said...

Edward, thanks. Side note did you see your portrait on Parkers blog ?