Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Technique and Supplies

I was asked what do I use for my sketches on location.
 I use a soft pouch to put these items in. I have also pencils and such in there like some charcoal and sanguine pencils from Derwent.
But this is basically what I've been using lately:

2 mechanical Pentel pencils one for B  ,one for 2B
I like them because you don't have to sharpen them.
Factis  - extra soft eraser
Zig millennium ink pen          01        I use mostly this one.
Zig millennium ink pen          05
Tombow      light gray     N95
Tombow     dark gray     N55
Tombow     light blue     451

            I like the sketchbooks from Dailer Rowney with the hard cover so it can give you support when you use it. 
The size I use is 8.5  x 11 I like a bit bigger then what I need it for just in case.
           The watercolors I've had for about 20 years but did not use them much but now I am rediscovering them, from  "Schmincke"  it is a metal box and when opened it serves as a palette to mix your colors on.
             I use a very small spray bottle from Sally's Beauty supplies that I fill with water and spray what I need on the metal palette side of the watercolor box.
            I hope this helps and the only thing I can add is go out there and have fun. Take a ipod of sort to listen to music you like when your doing this. It can make a nice experience even more wonderful.                                         


Carrie Griesemer said...

Thanks so much for the photo and supply info. I may try to put together a little sketch kit for this summer. I usually don't like to do a lot of plein air painting in the summer (I get so sick of green!), so I was thinking it would be fun to try some ink sketching.

dominique eichi said...

Carrie, I am already looking forward to your sketches. Have fun.

adebanji said...

Now, that kit would make an "art soldier" unstoppable!

dominique eichi said...

Adebanji, You are one of my earthly art leader, I gladly follow great and passionate work.
Hi, ho, hi, ho, I'm off to draw I go..........

Edward Burton said...

Sounds like you are well prepared for anything, Doninique! Excellent!

dominique eichi said...

I'm trying, Thanks Edward

Sheila said...

I love show and tell. Thanks for always being a source of support also Dominique! hugs!!

dominique eichi said...

Your the one that is the leader in that I'm just following in your footsteps.